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These tutorials are set up in easy-to-follow format.

Quick Reference

     This has all of the stuff you need to know, but without the screenshots (sometimes there is a need for screenshots) and mumbo jumbo. Just so if you read the walkthroughs and need to go back and get a quick look, go here.

  • Misc - Stuff like known problems and other things about Radiant.

  • Key Commands - Lists all the key commands for Q3Radiant.

  • Selection - Gives you some basic ways to select objects and textures faster.

  • Lights - Simple info on how to create lights and use light textures.

  • Mirrors - Tells you how to create mirrors.

  • Jump pads - A confusing tutorial on how to make a jump pad.

  • Doors - Teaches you how to make simple doors.

  • Complex Doors - Make the player push a button to open the door.

  • Stairs - Everyone should be able to make stairs without this tutorial.

  • Windows - Making some pretty see through glass.

  • Rocket Arena Maps - These can be very fun you you create a good one.

  • Liquids - Making lava, water and slime is simple.

  • Lifts - Making lifts to carry your character to new areas.

  • Fog - Learn how to add some fog to your map.

  • Fire - Make a flame for torches you load from MD3 files.

  • Volumetric Light - Add a little realism with volumetric light.

  • Pits - Creating a bottomless pit, if you fall your gibbed.

  • Curves - This is a hard subject, but worth reading. (I copied this page)

  • Shaders - Learn how to edit shaders, and make your own. (I copied this page)

  • Sounds - Add more sounds to your map, like the "swoosh" of a whirling fan.

  • Worldspawn - Add music, gravity, ect... to your map.

  • Area Portals - Learn how to make Area Portals.

  • Model Clips - Make imported models have clipping. (I copied this page)

  • Custom Textures - Teaches you how to use your own textures.


     Here is where you will do most of your learning. This has step by step tutorials on how to do make your Quake 3 maps looking great. These even have screenshots so you don't get lost during confusing parts.

  • TUT01 - Starts off with a room and loading models.

  • TUT02 - Shows you how to use CSG Subtract, make an outside area, and use custom textures.

Modeling and Skinning

     Most of these tutorials are not done by me, since I am a mapping guy and not that much of a modeling guy. Also, these will probably not have that much on modeling players, more on modeling weapons and items due to the lack of animation you have to do on them.

  • Modeling Weapons - Shows you how to create your own weapons in 3D Studio Max R2, then use other utilities to make them work in Q3. (I copied this page)

  • Modeling Weapons and using textures - Better and longer than the tutorial above, It will take a wile to load. (I copied this page)