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M  O  D  E  L   C  L  I  P  S

Clipping your imported models.

From here on this page is almost an exact copy of Jon Eriksson's tutorial for, I used most of his exact words and all of his screenshots. I know I said that I would make my own, but I was kind of short on time so I just copied, pasted, and cleaned up this tutorial a bit. Why should I rewrite it when it is in it's most perfect form to start with? Again, Sorry Jon, but the point of this is so that people can learn, after all I learned from    

You've used models in your map, but you've seen that you can walk through them (they are noclipped). This tutorial will show you how you can make them "clip" (not passable), and that you can shoot it (so the projectiles don't pass through it).
     Okay, I use to come back to my and Alvar's first map for Stealth Forces mod, and i'll do it again. Alvar has made this model, and we want the player to be able to "shoot" at it, and walk on it.

     Well, we can't do anything with the model. To bad there's not a function such as "clip" on the model. So we have to make a new box, and then make the new box look like the model, should look something like this:

     Observe that I haven't selected the model, but the boxes that I've made look like the model. We need to change the texture to "common/cushion". Push "S" and type "common/cushion" at the textures area, now the object should have a texture that is half transparent with the text "cushion" on it. Load you map, and shoot at the model, and try to jump through it. Now it shouldn't be possible, if you made everything right.