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S   O   U   N   D   S

Create some background noise for your map.

     When you play  maps that came with the game you hear sounds all the time. not just the Gun sounds, the player's footsteps and the music. If you listen more carefully you can hear other sounds. For example a fan can have a "swooshing" sound, and so on. The hole world has many sounds. I'm going to tell you how the sounds works. First, right click to bring up the entity menu, and then choose target/target_speeker. Now push N, and now we have some new to enter as keys here. First we have the Check boxes that are called:

  • loop-on - This will loop the sound file forever.

  • looped-off - Does not loop.

  • global - The sound will be heard over the hole lever.

  • activator - The sound will be played on the player who activated the speeker (then you need a targetname and so on.)

Now we have a few Keys:

  • noise - The wave file that should be played, for example: world/fan4.wav

  • wait - Seconds between auto triggering. (0 = don't auto trigger)

  • random - Wait random time, default = 0