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J  U  M  P    P  A  D  S

A futuristic trampoline.

     Jump pads are in the SFX texture category. Pads are 128x128. Make a pad with the matching floor texture and make it level with the floor, then choose carve. (This will make the pad look like it is on the floor, when its actually a completely different brush as the floor.) Now make a new brush that is about 16 units high off of the jump pad that also covers it, and go to common textures and choose trigger. Right click and choose trigger/ trigger_push for the new brush that is sitting on top of the jump pad. Deselect it by pushing Esc and above it choose right click it and choose target/target_position. Then press n to bring up the Entity window and for key type in targetname and in the value type a name like 01jump. (This gives the entity a name) Target_position is selected in the upper box this tells you what entity is being edited. (Ignore the Origin, that's the position of the entity). This entity (the target_position) tells the "trigger box" what direction, and how high the jump should be. It tells the trigger box this, by it's position. Now we need to bind the trigger box to the target_position entity. That's why we put a targetname on the entity. Now push ESC to deselect the target_position entity, and select the brush with the trigger texture. Once you've selected it, push N, to bring up the Entity window. Now simply type in the Key box target and in the value 01jump or whatever you named the target_position. (if you had the targetname MACsux on the entity, then you simply put the value MACsux here). Now, there should be a line from the trigger-box, to the entity. This line simply shows the direction of the jump, and the player will reaches the highest point where the trigger_position is. To get the player up to the right place, simply move around the trigger_position entity.

     Remember if you do not want to have a jump pad texture you do not need one. All you need are these things.

  • A brush with the trigger texture.

  • Right click and choose trigger/trigger_push for the brush while it is selected.

  • push Esc to deselect everything then right click and choose target/target_position.

  • push N to bring up the entity window for the target_position.

  • for key type in targetname and for value type in a name like 01jump.

  • push esc to deselt everything and select the brush with the trigger texture.

  • push N and the fo key type in target and in the value type the name of the target_position.

  • now there should be a line with arrows on it going from the trigger_push to the target_position.

  • move the target around and that is where you player will jump to.