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L   I   F   T   S

Elevators in Quake III: Arena.

First make a new block, this new block is the elevator. I will make the easiest elevator you can imagine, just a small Square block, size 64x64 (and 8 units high). Now click your right mouse button so the Entity window appears, and select func/func_train for this block. This means that we tell the game that this block will be a box that can move by itself from one spot to another. To let the game know from what spots it should move, we use pathcorners, and set a path where the box should move. Deselect the box, and click the right mouse button, to bring up the Entity window, and add a path/path_corner entity to your map. Now, push N to bring up the Entity window (where you can modify the entity. Here you can use a few keys. First we have the speed. This is the speed the block will move from one path corner to another. The Wait key tells the block for how many seconds it should stop at the current Path corner till it moves on to next path corner. Don't do anything here yet, just push ESC to deselect the path corner, and include a second path corner. Now, move the pathcorners so they have a location that they can move back and forth on, or up and down. Now deselect the pathcorner(s), and select the lift box we made. Push N and check the Start_On option. Now enter in the Key box target and in the value box, something like path1. Now select only the first path corner and push N, and type in they Key box targername, and in the Value box path1, this will make the elevator start at the path corner named path1. Now enter in the key box (again in the path corner we just named path1) for key enter target, and in the value box path2. Now select the other path corner, and push N, enter in the Key box targetname, and in the value box path2. This will tell the lift to go from path1 to path2, now we want it to go back again to path1, and then we just type in the key box target, and in the value box path1. Now we have a full functional lift. You can have more than two path corners, you can have for example three pathcorners, and in that case you have to change the Target, and the targetname.

  • Create a brush to be your lift (this one will move back and forth).

  • Create two path/path_corner objects, and space them where you want the lift to go.

  • Select one of them and push N then for key type targetname and value type in something like corner1, and again enter a new key target and a new value corner2.

  • Select the other path_corner and do the same thing except for targetname put in corner2 and for target put in corner1 (this makes the lift go back a forth between the two).

  • Select only the lift and right click and choose func/func_train.

  • Push N and for key type in speed and for value something like 64 (moves about 64 units per second). Now for key type in wait and for value something like 3 (makes the lift wait 3 seconds while at a corner).

  • Check the start_on box and for key type in target and value type in the name of the path_corner you want the lift to start on like corner1.

  • now each path_corner object should have a targetname and a target and your lift should have a starting point and a speed, you do not need wait if you don't want to.