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D   O   O   R   S

Creating doors is easy.

     First, load a nice texture for a door. Most of the Door textures are hard to make a good door, so You can also use wall textures. Once you choose a texture, make a new box, and this is the box that will be my door. To make it even more complicated, you might want a door that is split into 2 parts, one left part, and one right part. The right part should move right, and the left should move right when the door opens. The thing is that those doors are actually two doors, two brushes, whatever you want to call them (just 2 separate objects). Okay, you should have 2 doors one on the right and one on the left. Select the left door. Now, click the right mouse button, so the menu appears. Choose func, and then func_door. This will set the box to be a door. Push N to bring up the Entity window. The only thing you have to do here is to push one of the direction buttons. The Direction buttons are the buttons that are located in the low left in the entity window. It shows "135", "90", "45" buttons. This tells the game what direction the door should move to get opened. If you don't know for sure, look in the Top 2D view, up is 90 left is 180 down is 270 and right is 360, if you want your door to move up or down along the Z axis just push UP or DN. If you only have one door, you're done. But if you have a two-parted door, you have to select the other door-half, and make the same step as with the first one, except that the direction should be the opposite.

  • Create a brush to be the door.

  • right click and choose func/func_door.

  • click on a direction in the bottom left.

  • your done.