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A  R  E  A    P  O  R  T  A  L  S

Using area portals in your maps.

     Area Portals are handled a little bit differently in Q3 than they were in Q2. Most of the basic rules still apply, but getting them working is much faster than with Q2.
     Simply create a brush and size it to cover your doorway. Next, you need to make it thin. After sizing the brush, make it about 2 grid units thick. It should fit within your doors (single brush or multibrush doors) and you should not be able to see it from any angle when the doors are closed. Finally, load the common texture set, and apply the area_portal texture (a medium sized pink square, with AP on it). You should apply this to all sides of the brush.
     The door (or a teamed door) that touches the Area Portal brush, should automatically trigger the Area Portal, no more pointing doors at entities, etc.

     As with Q2, the Q3 Area Portal has some caveats. Area Portals cannot touch more than one area once, just like in Q2, though the errors/warnings "Areaportal touches >2 areas" or "Areaportal touches < 2 areas" doesn't get printed out. All that happens is the AP doesn't work. A simple way to check the validity of APs: 1. Pretend your map is a real place.
2. Imagine filling the room on one side of the Area Portal with water.

     If your map can fill up ALL THE WAY, and the water can touch the OTHER side of the AP, then it won't work. (Only solid brushes and Area Portals will block this imaginary water--detail brushes, models, and other entities won't block it). If you have other doors, you'll probably need to make them AP doors also. (Don't worry about these, they are not very important, you can still have a great map without them.)