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W  I  N  D  O  W  S

No, not the OS, the things you look through.

          It's really easy to make a window in Quake III: Arena. The only thing is, to find the right texture, and then draw a new box with it. The best texture I have found is the base_wall/glass01. In the editor this texture looks like Red and Black Squares, with some transparency. This is basically because you should see the box easier in the 3D-view, but also because there's some nice Reflections on the window (in-game). Now, what can I do with this window? Well, the first thing that you'll probably want to do with it is to make it crushable, so you can destroy the glass. This is not possible to do. Now you might wonder why ID software hasn't included this (it worked in Quake2)? The only answer I can give is that's probably because if you have a window that can be destroyed, what happens the first time the map is loaded, and played? Someone destroys the window, and then you have to play without a window until the game is over. Much work for nothing, a breakable window is for no use in the usual Q3: Arena gameplay.