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M   I   S   C

Here is a list of know bugs and other things that do not fit into any other category.

Missing Grid

     I have had a few emails about people not being able to see the grid on the 2D views (just like on the screenshot below). I think that this may be due to the video card you are using. If you have a VooDoo 3 then this is most likely to happen, if you are running something like a TNT2 or GeForce 256 then you will probably see the grid. There are no controls to turn off and on the grid, if you ask me, I would never want to see the grid, it just blends all of your geometry in with it and makes everything hard to see.

Radiant Crashing

     If your radiant program starts crashing after you compile a level and you close the DOS window just delete the JUNK.TXT from your C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ Directory. This will fix that for a while. It will start crashing again after about 10 more times of compiling your maps. Just keep deleting that file.

What it looks like

     This is what the Q3Radiant program looks like, here in red you can see the different views I will be using for the tutorials, I will however have the program at full size and then take a screenshot and make it smaller. You will not be able to make out the buttons in the program. I did keep this pic at a 1:1 ratio (just had the program in a windowed state, not full screen)

     Notice the commands window, You do not need to have it up, it just displays commands that the program is executing. You would just save yourself some space on the screen if you drag it down to a minimum.