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F     O     G

Fog is cool, but don't over do it.

Simple Fog

     All you  need to do to create some fog is make a brush where you want the volume of the fog to be and add a fog shader to it. from the sfx category. If you want to change the color or thickness of your fog then you should first read the shaders section.

Stuff you need to know before making your own fog shader

     If you have read the shaders section then to create your own custom fog do the following things in the following order. remember in the file fogparms ( # # # ) ### the first 3 #'s are R, G, and B and the last ###'s default is usually 800 this is the thickness of the fog. If you want fog so thick you cant see 1 unit in front of your face set this number to 0, if you want it as thin as air so you can barely see it set it to 8000. If I wanted to create a really thin blue mist type of fog I would make the line say: fogparms ( .7 .7 1 ) 5000 that is all you need to know really.

Making your own fog Shader

     If you have read the shaders section then to create your own custom fog do the following things in the following order.

  • Make sure you have EditPad installed, if you don't have it download it here.

  • Make a new .shader file in your baseq3\scripts directory, I named mine bluefog.shader. Just open up EditPad and do a new file and save it baseq3\scripts\bluefog.shader.

  • Now use EditPad to open up baseq3\scripts\shaderlist.txt, and at the very bottom type in bluefog, or whatever your shader's name is.

  • Make a new directory baseq3\textures\bluefog\

  • Open up baseq3\scripts\sfx.shader, use edit/find and replace then for text to find type in fog_intel and click find. Now you should see: (fog_intel will be highlighted)

qer_editorimage textures/sfx/fog_timdm1.tga
surfaceparm trans
surfaceparm nonsolid
surfaceparm fog
surfaceparm nolightmap

fogparms ( .75 .38 0 ) 800

//Paul's gray fog for q3dm10

  • Open up your .shader file you saved and copy and paste the above into it. now you can change your colors and strength. in the fogparms line. Mine was: fogparms ( .7 .7 1 ) 5000

  • Change the top of the file, the part that says: textures/sfx/fog_intel to: textures/bluefog/bluefog

  • Save your file to baseq3\shaders\bluefog.shader.

  • Now change the: textures/bluefog/bluefog part back to the way it was: textures/sfx/fog_intel And now save the file to baseq3\textures\bluefog\bluefog.shader.

  • When you open up the Radiant program you should have a new line under textures that says bluefog. When you click on it you should see a fog icon that says: [bluefog] on the top.

  • Create a new brush where you want your new bluefog to be and give it the new bluefog shader.

  • Compile the map and run it and you should see your new bluefog mist. If you want to change the fog colors and density you can do so, just leave the arena and then open up both of your .shader files and change the numbers and save them both then reload your map. That's right you do not need to compile your map again! Just reload it!