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C O M P L E X   D O O R S

Make a button to open your doors.

     This is going to be short and sweet. First you have to have a Door and a Button. Right click in the 2D view and for the door choose func/func_door, and for the button choose func/func_button. There now select the door and push N to bring up the Entity Window and for Key type in targetname and for Value type in a name like door01. Now deselect everything by pushing Esc and then select the button and push N and for Key type in target and for Value door01, (or whatever you named your door).

     The following you can enter for both the door and the button, I suggest that you do it. for Key type in speed and for Value type in a number. This will determine how fast your door or button moves once you activate it. The second one is: for Key type in return, this is the return speed, it determines how long your door stays open, or how long your button stays pushed in. Then for Value type a number. if you enter -1 for your number the door will stay open forever, or for your button the button will stay pushed in and you will only be able to activate the door once.