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     There is nothing special about your mouse and keyboard, except for the fact that you have to get what you like, and they are essential for your PC. Some people like ergonomic keyboards, where the keyboard appears to be split down the middle. I prefer the old style myself. The mouse has slightly different options you should consider. Are you right or left handed? Do you want a mouse that is made for either right or left handed people? Do you want a ball in the bottom of your mouse, or do you want optical technology? How many buttons do you need? I took all of these things into consideration, and I came up with something that fits my needs perfect.

     This is Microsoft's Internet Keyboard Pro. It has a great feel to it, lots of quick access buttons, detachable palm rest, and most of all two USB ports on the back of it. This is the main reason I chose this keyboard, With all my external peripherals being USB I need more than just 4 USB ports. The keyboard plugs in via PS2 and also has to be plugged into a USB port on your PC, that way you can turn one USB port into two!

     The mouse is Microsoft's Intellimouse Explorer. It is an optical mouse, which means that it has no moving parts. It is very accurate, and has four buttons plus the scrolling wheel. That makes 5 total buttons and 2 scrolling directions. This mouse is very customizable, which is good if you are a gamer, or just a heavy internet surfer. The mouse works on every surface except for shiny stuff like glass or mirrors. Everything else is fair game. The mouse can be plugged into either a PS2 port or USB .

     I gave these two products a 98% average. I would easily given them 100% except for the prices. They keyboard was $60 and the mouse was $80. I would not trade them for anything else in the world though. Like I said before, its all personal preference, so go out and find something that you like, because when it all comes down to it mice and keyboards all do the same job.