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     If you are a gamer or multimedia freak, you will want some excellent speakers. It is not important to spend extra money on digital speakers. As long as they are good and loud, that is all that matters. Besides it is sound, human ears will not be able to tell the difference. The speakers shown here are Klipsch's Promedia V.2-400 these speakers are 4.1 Which means that there are 4 satellites and 1 subwoofer. You place them in position so that you have a front left, front right, rear left, and rear right. The sub should be placed on the floor, against the wall or in a corner is best. That way the sound is louder.

     These have got to be the best PC speakers I have ever heard! These babies really sing. They are extra loud. Each sat is 60w and the sub is 160w. There is no doubt about it with 400 watts of total power you will shake the walls. If I turn my speakers above half way up it actually is not very comfortable to listen to music. They are very loud, best bang for the buck you will ever find. At $250 for this set you will be so pleased. They work great for surround sound on DVDs and when playing 3D games, they are nothing less than spectacular!

     I give the Klipsch Promedia V.2-400 speakers a 95% for greatness. I have to say these are the best PC speakers you can buy! However if you have the money, why not just buy a home stereo system for your PC, or better yet if you have a home system hook it up to your PC. That is the only way you are going to get more sound than these. For speakers they cost a pretty penny, but when you compare prices to other packages Klipsch cannot be beat. I picked mine up for $250 from