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     The floppy drive is very essential when building a PC. You may say "I never use floppies anymore to store anything." And that is a good statement, because floppy drives are limited to about 1.4MB of free space on them. Which is not even enough to store a picture from a good digital camera, or an MP3. So what's the point of having one of these? The point is that you need one on your first boot, and whenever you format your hard drive. You must boot from a floppy called a BOOT DISK. This is because when your hard drive is brand new, It has no operating system on it, or any information on it at all for that matter. That is why the boot disk has just enough information on it so that you can start your computer and do the basic DOS commands that you might need in order to fix problems, or install Windows.

     This is a TEAC 1.44MB floppy drive. It, just like all other floppy drives fits into a 3 1/2" drive bay into your tower. It needs a power cable plugged into the back of it and an IDE cable so that the information can travel from your drive to the mother board. That's about all there is to this piece of hardware.

     I give the TEAC 1.44MB floppy drive a 95% for greatness. It only cost me $12 and It has always worked perfectly. I could not give the drive any better of a rating, because it does the same things as every other floppy drive out there. It is very affordable, and works great.