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L   I   N   K   S

Here is where you find other great sites.

     The following are good sites for quake 3, not just mapping, but for news in general and lots of other stuff for Quake III: Arena.

    These are some of the programs that I have found useful, if you want to find them or something like them, (because things change so much) the best place to start looking would be PlanetQuake or PolyCount.

  • Q3Radiant Tools, GTK Radiant - Must have for mapping

  • Java MD3 Model Viewer - This is a great program to view stuff in your PK3 files.

  • Pop N Fresh's 3D Studio Max Plugins - These will allow you to import and export MD3 models.

  • NPherno's MD3 Compiler - Good program for importing and exporting files.

  • 3D Studio Max - In my opinion this is the best 3D modeling program out there.

  • WinZip - Use this to extract the files from within your PK3 files.

  • EditPad - Great replacement for Notepad has more advanced features to work with SHADERS more easily.