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This is your Quake III: Arena mapping reference.

     What is it that is so great about making maps for video games, and especially first person shooters? Well there are a few reasons why. First of all everyone that has ever liked playing video games would like to make a few of their own, the only problem with that is that you have to have several advanced skills such as programming, design, and a lot of math skills. You also need a lot of time and if you want a team, you must have a lot of cash to pay your employees.

     Why not do the next best thing? Make maps for your favorite game; which by the way should be Q3: Arena by now. Making maps in a sense is like making your own game, it just depends on what you all want to do with it. If you want to go all out and make your very own MOD and rewrite some of the source code you could very well end up with your own game using Q3's engine! Basically why mapping is so important is because everyone out there wants to do some of the more advanced stuff like modeling or programming mods, and there are not enough people who want to make maps, and it is the easiest thing to learn. You can do a lot by mapping, all you have to do is read and understand these tutorials to the best of your ability, and I guarantee you that you will be impressed with yourself.

Build your own PC - This is where you need to go for help on building your very own custom PC.

Update Info

MON 11-4-2002: Changed a few things in the Links section, did a bit of cleaning up. This was the Final Update, I am going to Archive this site to my hard drive, and forget about it. Who knows what I'll do next... Thank you all so much and fare the well.

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THU 1-20-2000: Finally put up my first Walkthrough Tutorial.

WED 1-19-2000: Posted Area Portals and Model Clip tutorials.

FRI 1-14-2000: Added sounds, worldspawn, and complex doors tutorials.

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FRI 1-7-2000: Updated some of my tutorials, fixed some bugs with images.

WED 1-5-2000: Just got my new page up.


     This is THE page if you want to learn how to create levels for Quake 3. This page has tutorials on how to use the Q3 Radiant program. Why the Radiant? Because, I have used many different programs to make maps for quake games and I must say that this is the best program for the job. If you want to download any of the programs used for the tutorials then just check out the links section. I would also like to take this time to congratulate Jon Eriksson, and everyone else that has written those excellent tutorials that are posted up at I did most of my learning from their tutorials and would like to say that some of their work is on my page, maybe not word for word, but it is still the same basic thing. Did I copy his pages? Yes, and no.. In some places I copied their text and pasted it into my tutorials because it was done so perfectly. Sometimes I reworded their tutorials in a different way. Others I just wrote my own tutorials from my own words. some of the pictures and screenshots here are theirs, and some are mine. (except that mysterious Q3 symbol in the upper left, doesn't it look tempting to click?) But all this is not the point of my page. I put this up so that people have a wider variety of tutorials to choose from. And that is what it is all about, This is here for you to use and learn from.

Making the site

     For those of you who want to know how some of the stuff in this page was made... The 3D Quake box animation (Hidden in this site) is actually MY box I just scanned in all of the faces, then edited them in Adobe Photoshop 5. I then made a created 6 faces in 3D Studio Max R2, made them the same measurements as my box then added the textures for the appropriate faces, then made a camera rotate around the box and rendered the 100 frames at 15 frames per second (fps) with a little bit of motion blur. The borders I also made in 3D Studio. I created some boxes then added a noise modifier to the X axis, and used a shiny metal surface for them. Then placed 2 red omni lights under the boxes and 1 normal light above them. Finally I used Photoshop to split them up to fit in this page's frames and added the beveled text and Q3 symbol. Then the rest was done inside of Microsoft FrontPage 2000.

Mapping and me

     Now, I am not a pro at mapping, I just started mapping in Q3 from ground zero since Q3Radiant came out. Since it was the first time I had used the Radiant program it took a little while to get use to. I will be working from the Q3Radiant 1.0 Beta Build 181 (The newest one). I will be updating these tutorials as I learn how to do them or have time to post them, remember to check back here for updates often. Alright, now go, and create!