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     This web page is a tutorial designed to help the average person build their own PC. I will do my best to make this tutorial as easy as can be. It will go over all the main steps that you must complete in order for your PC to boot up. This site has the following sections so that you can quickly and easily skip to the section that you require.

BUILDING A PC - This is the section that you are reading right now, it explains what to expect from this tutorial.

INTRODUCTION - This section prepares you for what kind of computer you want to build.

PARTS - The parts section will explain all of the parts that you will require and what they do, I will use my parts as an example.

STEPS - This section shows you step by step how to put your computer together.

SUMMARY - This explains what you have done and what you can expect from your new computer

LINKS - The links section has some good links for where to buy parts and even whole systems if you decide not to build one.

AUTHOR - This section is about me and what I am trying to accomplish with my knowlege.

     Over the years I have surfed the web trying to find the perfect tutorial on how to build a PC. Unfortunately I have not found a tutorial that I think is perfect for the average person. Most of them either seem to lack information or make the process of building a PC too complicated. Now that I know what people want from this kind of tutorial I decided to write it and make sure that everyone can understand it. Read, enjoy, and most of all, learn!